Announcing the newborn boy: beschuit met muisjes

Traditional Dutch treat: beschuit met muisjes
Traditional Dutch treat: beschuit met muisjes

There are probably millions of different ways to announce a newborn to the world. In The Netherlands, one traditional way is for the parents to treat the people they know to ‘beschuit met muisjes’. Beschuit is a typical Dutch product, that roughly translates into ‘rusk’. It’s a toasted bread type, usually served in round shapes. The ‘muisjes’, or mice, are sprinkles made from anis seeds covered in a sugar coating. Generally, half of the sprinkles are white, and the other half are coloured. Blue for a boy, pink for a girl. Although, I think I remember that in the old days, there were only white and pink ones.

So, of course, to celebrate the birth of our son, we have this treat available in the house for visitors and neighbours. But now I’m curious: what is the traditional newborn announcement treat in your culture?

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5 thoughts on “Announcing the newborn boy: beschuit met muisjes”

  1. I cannot really recall any special announcement tradition in Slovakia. It is ‘just’ close family members helping out with newborn as much as they can. I was looked after my grandma, who was taking bus every morning at 6AM to be in our house.

    In England it is more ‘commercialised’ baby showers and all – which we have decided to skip;-)
    Once again, congratulations – you will have more and more joy (and sleep) every day.
    Best wishes,
    - is

    1. Wow, big effort from your grandmother. We had my mother-in-law staying over to help out, which was wonderful. Yes, the baby-showers are a bit over-commercialised. But what I really liked, is that some of our neighbours (we’ve been living here only for a year and don’t really know them that well), brought gifts. They were also very interested during the pregnancy. There’s a blog post topic in that as well :).

    1. Oh, cool! Thanks for sharing that, Femma. Looks like there’s a great variety of those. And they all look so tasty!

  2. Chocolade flikken met muisjes was voor deze Oma een beter idee, ook in blauw wit te koop, mijn vriendinnen smulden ervan
    oma joke

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