Cooking for Mom-to-be: easy turkey-spinach stir fry on rice

Easy turkey-spinach stir fry on rice
Easy turkey-spinach stir fry on rice

During pregnancy it’s of course extra important for Mom-to-be to eat well. Getting the right nutrients is important for her health, and for the growth and development of Baby. So, the challenge is to cook meals that are rich in the right nutrients, such as proteins, fibers, vitamins, minerals. This meal has a lot of it, all elements are selected because they provide great amounts of the essential nutrients. It starts with the rice. I used a mix of three types, all ‘whole’ grain types, which can be bought in stores here in Germany from a famous brand. But I guess any mix of whole grain rice (also known as brown rice, hulled or unmilled) would be a great base. For the protein, and many other nutrients, I chose turkey. To that I added spinach, which is a great source of iron and fibers.To top it off, I added cashew nuts. The whole thing took me about 25 minutes to make, so it’s a rather easy one.

For the recipe (2 persons) you’ll need roughly:
– 200 grams whole grain rice (preferably a mixture)
– 400 grams spinach
– 300 grams fileted turkey
– 2 handfuls of cashew nuts
– ketjap (Indonesian soy sauce)
– spices to taste

You start by bringing enough water to the boil for the rice. While that is heating up, you can prepare a marinade, by putting some Indonesian soy sauce (ketjap manis) in a bowl and add some flavor with coreander powder, ginger (powder of freshly grated) and a bit of garlic. Maybe, to taste, some Indonesian chili paste: sambal. Your water is probably boiling now, so you can put in the rice and cook it as indicated on the package.

Now you start dicing the turkey, and put them in the bowl with the marinade. Mix it up, so that all bits are covered in the marinade. Now put a frying pan on the stove (I prefer to use a wok), and heat some olive oil in it. When it’s hot enough, put in the marinated turkey and stir fry. Beware that this is a dish for a pregnant person, so don’t be shy with letting it in the pan. You cannot serve her undercooked poultry, that’s dangerous. So be sure to cook the turkey well. After browning the turkey dices, you can add the cashews. When you think the turkey is really well done, take everything out of the pan, and put the pan back on the fire. Make sure there is some oil in it, still. In that oil, stir fry the spinach. Maybe in batches if your pan isn’t big enough. When the spinach is almost done, put the turkey and cashews back in.

Now, take the rice of the fire (it should be about done) and drain it. Put portions on the plate, put the turkey spinach mixture on top, and enjoy your meal.

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