The making of the most beautiful room in the house

So many colours to choose from, and so many shades
So many colours to choose from, and so many shades

It started with the selection of space: which of the rooms would become the baby-room. This was actually the easy part: there was a choice between two, and one was simply the best option. With that taken care of failry quickly, the difficult parts started.

The first thing we went after, was the furniture. It’s amazing how many different types of baby room furniture there is. Or better: how many different styles and variations. The basics are simple: most consist of a crib or bed, a changing table and an armoir. And those you can have in any style, from romantic to modern. To be honest: the things we found in German stores were generally of a style and variation that did not fully appeal to us. Besides that: collections on show in stores were fairly limited. Fortunately, just across the border in The Netherlands, there are several mega baby stores, with quite some show room space to show off complete baby room sets. We found one from the brand Bopita, whose furniture is widely available, and also on show in their own stores, one of which is in Weert, not that far from the Düsseldorf area where we live. This store is quite big, and has almost all their furniture in different styles on display. Most of it, somehow, is white. Which was what we were looking for, so that’s fine. The good thing is, since they have quite a few German customers, is that delivery costs in Germany are the same as in The Netherlands. At least: when you live where we do. It took us quite some trips, photos, online searches and all the works to finally identify the furniture we liked best. But the good thing is: you can see a lot in the baby stores in The Netherlands, and then compare prices online to get the best deal. We found that in our case, buying direct from Bopita, with a bit of negotiation based on the knowledge of prices elsewhere, was the best deal we could get.

Next thing on the list: how to decorate the room. Originally, it had off-white walls, a white ceiling and a red carpet. We wanted to change that. On the floor we wanted laminate flooring, because it’s easier to keep clean than carpet, and prettier than vinyl. For the walls, we wanted color. Obviously, you think, the choice is between pink and blue, or a neutral color. But even if you do not opt for the neutral color, there’s not simply a pink or a blue to choose from. Both come in too many different shades, and all you can base your decision on, if you’re lucky, is how the paint looks on a small piece of paper. We chose the color, which we thought would also go well with the floor we chose, and white of elements in the room (window sills and frames, the ceiling). And we think we chose right. Now, all we can do is wait for Baby to arrive to learn if we made the right choices.

How did you go through the journey of designing the perfect room for your baby? Where did you get your furniture? Let me know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “The making of the most beautiful room in the house”

  1. Hi Arjan,
    when I read your blog, I feel such a bad mum… not much preparation, the cupboard was there about the last week before baby’s arrival, clothes in the evening before going to the hospital… but what we did was putting colored doorknobs on the basic white cupboard, and now it looks like a very special cupboard😉
    The bed (for the time after the cradle) we bought from a colleague. Cradle was not even put in her room, but in the hallway on the attic, to have her nearby, but not in our bedroom (also since she was under the window and that was a bit chilly).
    Walls are still white, after 2 years our decoration is not yet done – I had the Nijntje-posters, but it’s special size as no standard frames are fitting and well – with a baby we had been too busy to make the time to go to a special frame-store…
    Don’t make it too complicated, baby’s dirty feet with make stains on the walls (whatever the color), don’t forget about diarrhea overflowing the diaper (spuitpoep… and it can really come far!), and later it will be pencils coloring the wall a bit extra…
    In the end you will see: all the baby needs are diapers, milk, sleep and lots of love+hugs! And I’m sure you will give him/her that!
    Coundown going fast now?

    1. Dear Inge,
      Thanks for leaving your thoughts. I don’t think that not being as zealous as we are in preparation makes you a bad parent. Pragmatism, which as it seems is something you are a master of, is an important parenting skill, I believe. And, you put it very nicely in the last lines: baby will need diapers, milk, sleep and lots of love and hugs. That’s exactly what we plan to give, too. However, now that the baby is not here yet, we need to spend that energy in a different way:).
      Countdown is indeed going fast now.

  2. Hi Arjan, maybe you can also call it ignorism😉 Thinking I had all the time in the world and not really realizing what it would be like. But luckily it all found its way, when baby arrived. And some stuff was bought then, when you find something is quite handy.
    Enjoy the adventure, it’s unlike anything else, special, tiring, but also full of fun!

    1. Haha, yes, I can relate. For us now is almost like that. It seemed we still had loads of time, until you realize the moment baby will be here is actually coming close quite quickly. And there’s just too many things to think of. So, probably, even with all the preparation we’re doing now, we’ll run into things that we need to be pragmatic about. On top of that, hopefully, lots of fun!

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