Your chariot awaits, little one

Baby's limousine
Baby’s limousine

Last week, a wonderful package arrived at our home. It contained the chariot in which we will drive baby around in a few weeks. It took some unpacking and assembling, but then there it was, the Bugaboo Buffalo.

Finding the right pram for us and baby was actually quite an adventure. After some research online and in stores, we had three clear favorites, but with no real way to decide which one we’d eventually buy. In one of the Dutch baby goods super stores, we asked one of the salespersons for advise, and he actually was a great source of pram wisdom. In a way. He told us that we really needed to think about how we lived, and what we wanted to do with the pram, sketching living in small city appartment without elevator, and living in a house with garden near the woods going for long walks with the dog as two extremes. Now, our live is pretty close to the second version now, which meant that we basically, according to our wise salesman, had the choice between 4 prams from three brands. Then we found out that our research and intuition had been quite spot on, because our three favorites were among them.

To decide between the Joolz Day, Bugaboo Chameleon and Bugaboo Buffalo, it all came down to comparing the details. At first glance, they are all quite similar, so it’s the details that matter. I liked the way the Joolz Day Tokyo looked. It’s a bit more elegant than both Bugaboos. On top of that, there’s quite a lot accesoires that come with it, which you have to buy additionally when getting a Bugaboo. But I think the best feature compared to the Bugaboos, was the break. The foot operated break is a smartly designed system, in which you push with your sole one way to break, and the other to release the break. Simple, elegant. The hand operated break of the Bugaboo Chameleon is an accident waiting to happen. It’s near impossible to operate with one hand, which is strange, and it’s so clumsy and snappy, that owners of it must have bruises on their hands from the thing snapping in place. The foot brake of the Buffalo is a bit better, but to realease it, you have to flip it up with your toes. Not a big issue if you’re wearing clunky walk in the woods boots, but if you’re out in the town, wearing your most beautiful heels or brogues, you will damage your shoes. Bugaboo should reconsider these systems in next versions.

One of the big benefits of the Bugaboo Chameleon, is that there are some beautiful upholsteries available. The special designs, some even by famous names as Warhol and Viktor & Rolf, are awesome. We really liked the Sahara edition, for example. It’s rather strange and disappointing, by the way, that there’s so much choice for the Chameleon, and so little for the Buffalo. I really hope that changes quickly.
The downside of the Chameleon are the afore mentioned break system (this was really the ‘no’ item for me), and also the way the small wheels are fitted to the frame. It’s safe and all, but I didn’t like the way that looked.

Then there’s the Bugaboo Buffalo. It’s frame can hold more weight than any other pram out there, which is nice. We always bring quite a lot of stuff, and it’s good to know that the pram can take that added weight, too. Besides, the basket for things below baby’s bed or seat is spacious and easily accessible. Similar to the Chameleon, but much better than the Joolz Day. The little luggage compartment on the Joolz is, to be honest, quite silly.
Add to that all terrain capabilities of the Buffalo, and the tough, yet elegant looks, and in our minds, that’s the winner. Okay, maybe I had to convince Mom-to-be a little bit, because she really, really liked the Sahara edition of the Chameleon. But still.

So, in the end, we decided to go with the Bugaboo Buffalo. What pram did or would you choose? Share your thoughts in the comments or on the Neverending Miracle Facebook page.

If you are in the process of pram shopping, these cards may be helpful. Let me know what you think of them.

7 thoughts on “Your chariot awaits, little one”

  1. yet again I feel like I didn’t prepare at all…so it seems a wonder that our girl made it into her 2nd birthday alive…
    We got out the easy way by getting a 2nd hand Bugaboo Frog (some pre-model of Cameleon) from friends of friends. The handbrake is indeed not convenient, I think I pushed the wrong way too many times and broke the handle, but I must say, I hardly ever used the brake – but it’s flatland country here😉 The topcover was missing, but with a blanket we solved that. The folding (in&out) of the Bugaboo always was hard for me. I was happy to find an instruction guide on internet to see how to rebuild from laying to seating position. It’s not the lightest, but I loved the way you can walk around uneven terrain.
    All in all very satisfied, but also very satisfied that I never had to go into the babystore nightmare of making a choice… Good luck in the final preparations!
    Do you already know how to handle the Maxi-Cosi type of thing in your car. Maybe have your Mom-to-be practise with it before the delivery. After mine I also lost my brains and I couldn’t understand how to make it fit…luckily the brain capacity came back, but it really worried me!

    1. Hi Inge,
      Luckily we have a click in system for the maxi cosi in the car, with lights and sound signals to help me cope:-). Brain loss in full progress here, already since about 3 months. Thanks for the reassurance that it will come back!

      1. Hi new Mummy,
        how life has changed, didn’t it. What a responsiblity, what a sleep deprivation, but what a joy! That brain loss is an absolute nightmare, incredible what hormones and lack of sleep can do. But be assured, it will come back, very very slowly, but steady. Great that you have helpful tools for the Maxi Cosi! I really miss walking around with our little one in this Cosi box. Our small one fitted easily until about 14-15 months or so, while other grow out it much quicker. Big hugs for Oliver!

    2. Inge, it was actually quite fun to go into the huge baby super-store. They were super friendly, helpful and knew what they were talking about. Ours is a bit on the bulky-side, but easy to push, and folding is really, really super easy. You can do it with one hand. On top of all that: our boy seems to enjoy it.

      1. good to hear Oliver loves the chariot, I saw a nice pic of the boys wandering around!
        I hated the stores, their information was good, but those looks when I said I wanted to have some stuff like ‘now’ as delivery date was arriving like ‘in 2 weeks’ and delivery times were ‘at least 3 months, so I was really really late (you bad mommy…)’. But well, everything turned out really fine. No complaints from our little one (yet!). I wish you an at least as good experience in the first year as we had! It’s an incredible year full of amazement. Enjoy it well!

  2. You seem really organised about getting a pram in advance. We ended up not getting a stroller until a month ago when our son was five months old. We also went for a nice and easy to fold up compact one, which was so much better than an incredibly bulky one we’d been lent previously. Our son seems to go to sleep really easily in our stroller and it’s great that we can put him in it so that he faces us. Hope all your preparations are going well and good luck for the big event!

    1. In the excitement of being pregnant, looking for the right pram was something practical we could do to really feel like parents-to-be. Plus, it was a lot of fun.

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