The unbelieveable, but probably true, story of Saint Nick

A carrot for Amerigo
A carrot for Amerigo

Once upon a time, very, very long ago, a boy was born in the city of Patara, in what is now Turkey. His parents called him Nicholas. In this time, so long ago, it was not so much fun to be a child. Many had to become adults quickly, and work. As a boy growing up, Nicholas, or Nick as his friends called him, had to become an adult too soon, too. He did not like that very much. He rather played. But, that was not allowed. So, Nick decided that he was going to change all that. Whenever and wherever he could, he tried to protect children younger than him, and make sure they did not have to work, but could play.

A mighty man in the nearby city of Myra learned about our Nicholas, and decided to help him out. He asked Nick to come and live in his palace, and made it his job to protect children, and make sure they could play and were good and nice. And so, Nick started going around, giving children who were good presents, and parents who let their children play received presents as well. Our Nicholas has done so ever since, for more than a thousand years now.

Every year, Nick and his helpers roam around the world to check on children and their parents. And in December, they go around and give presents to the ones that have been behaving nicely in the year. In some places he comes early December in a boat and with his horse, in other places he comes late in December in a flying sled pulled by reindeer.

And sometimes, when he sees it’s really needed that somebody, child or adult, needs a bit of love and a present, he whispers in the ears of Granma’s and Grandpa’s, Mommies, and Daddies. And he tells them to give a present to a little girl or boy that really, really needs it.

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