Special paper messengers to announce a birth

Detail of baby O's announcement card
Detail of baby O’s announcement card

As many proud new parents probably do, we wanted to send out some beautiful announcement cards to tell our friends and families about the birth of our son. And as with many thing these days, a quick search online gives endless opportunities. All sorts of different styles, lots of beautiful, funny, stylish examples. Almost too much, for me. Fortunately, NewMum is a super hero when it comes to finding anything awesome (she’s a super hero in many other fields as well, of course). And thanks to her super powers, we found Letterpress Kaarten from Tiny Risselada, who designs cards to your wishes, and prints them on her jobbing press.

Despite the numerous beautiful designs to choose from – Mrs Risselada shows off many, many, many examples of cards she has already made on her website which you can reuse – we wanted something that was specifically made for our son. Because Mrs Risselada does everything herself, from design to printing, you can add elements to existing designs, or have a card especially designed for you. We opted to mash up design elements from different cards, and then add something unique for our baby boy.

As you may know, we also have a dog in the house. We thought it would be nice to have him featured on the card in a way. Mrs Risselada created a wonderful combination of the dog with a baby carriage for the front of the card. It’s so nice, I used it in the header of this website, too.

Even though I don’t really like gender stereo typing, we did choose to have a certain kind of blue as the main (and only) colour on the card. It’s the same as the colour on the walls of Baby O’s nursery.

The next unique element for the card is the poem NewMum and I wrote to welcome our boy into the world, which is printed on the inside of the card.

We thought the result is absolutely fantastic, and are super happy and proud of it. How did you choose the cards to announce your baby’s birth? Where did you get your inspiration?

PS: If your interested in these cards, visit the Letterpress Kaarten website. It’s mainly in Dutch, but you can browse the examples to get an idea, and be inspired for your next birth announcement cards.

One thought on “Special paper messengers to announce a birth”

  1. I know what you mean… what a search to find the announcement card, as there are so many options.
    There are the books at the imprinter, where immediately they indicated that not options in the book are possible, as quite complicated or many failures…
    Then there is the endless amount of internet sites with cards in hundreds of styles, pictures, etc. Most offers adaptations, making the choice even more difficult.
    The dog detail in your card is a great find! And indeed totally you+NewMum as Baron was your first little baby.
    I had an idea of a more old-fashioned basic card, but switched at the last minute, when we found a card that was somewhat more related to our passion: MTB. A little babygirl on a bike, in red, a bit sturdy, not so girlie pink.

    You probably also recognize it as my FB avatar😉
    Thus a relatively simple card, but we both had the ‘yes this is the card for us’ feeling. A good sign in the world of overwhelming choice! It’s probably like with choosing the name, very personal and you hope the baby will also like it when grown up…

    PS. The personal poem is a great gift to BabyO too!

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