Full of …, or the Neverending Diaper Test

Wonderful present for Baby O from the neighbours: a diaper cake.

Marketing has a strange effect on me. At least, often it leads me to believe that big brand products are really better than the rest. Something to do with innovation, quality assurance, etcetera. And so it also is for diapers. Yes, diapers. When our baby was born, and we spent those German standard few days in the hospital, I was quite happy to find that we were supplied there with diapers from a big brand, which is globally available. Those were the ones our baby would have, because, well, they were the big brand diapers, so the best.

However, we quickly found that the diapers from this big brand maybe indeed absorbed all the things our baby put into them, but they also tended to stick to baby’s bottom. Quite stubbornly. Maybe they were absorbing too much? Research and development going too far, maybe? I don’t think it was because we changed them not often enough. We did that more frequent than the minimum number of times recommended by the experts at the hospital. Maybe too often? Whatever the reasons for the stick-to-bottomness of these diapers, we decided to try some other brands. Just to see which would be best for our boy.

And with the rigorous testing, came insight. There were a few things that were actually not that different between the different diapers. Even if it is about features where some of the advertising is focusing on. Like absorption. In that respect, they were all quite similar. Just as the ease-of-use for the parents. The diapers all look the same and are used in a similar way. But I did find some features that were like the stick-to-bottomness.

Some diapers would leave indentations on baby skin. No matter how tight or loose we would put them on, there were marks after use. Then there is the impact on our environment. And of course: availability, or how easy can you get those diapers. So far we tested five different types. We found one that we, and our baby, like best. You can see the results in the document below. Have a look and let me know what you think. But, maybe the point of this post is not to recommend you to use the diaper that I think is best. Maybe the point is to let marketing and product tests and reviews for what they are, and recommend you to go and try different brands of diapers to find out which ones treat your baby best. Of course, I would like to learn which ones you think are best.

4 thoughts on “Full of …, or the Neverending Diaper Test”

  1. You created a score card for diapers (nappies, in the UK)?! That is impressive.
    I am well past the diapers stage with mine but I remember trying 2 of the leading brands, plus an eco brand and an upmarket supermarket brand. And, in the end, I went back to the leading brand: less leaks, more availability, etc like you mention. Plus there were often promotions and vouchers available, so it wasn’t that more expensive.
    When it comes to baby-products, I think that the main role of a popular brand is ‘peace of mind’, particularly for the first baby (it does change for subsequent ones).

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts, Ana! And yes, a scorecard. I thought that might be helpful for people.
      I was quite surprised that the big brand, the one after which the Germans tend to call diapers or nappies, was actually not satisfactory for Baby O. They really stuck to his little behind.
      For now, our first is a really big adventure, and we’re learning something new everyday. Also about other things than nappies:)

      1. Awesome. And it’s true. I was indeed expecting more from the premium brand, and maybe indeed even more disappointed when it turned out not to be the best for Baby O.

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