A first taste of carrots

Ice cubed carrot mash
Ice cubed carrot mash

Last week, on the first day of spring, Baby O had his first taste of carrots. At slightly over 5 months old, he decided it was time for that. He had longingly looked at his daddy’s food the day before, and that was a telling enough sign for us. So, we bought some ecological carrots, cooked them and mashed tem with a sliver of real butter. Apparently, the fat from that is needed to help the vitamins being absorbed in the body. You can also use a vegetable oil, but I would say it has to be a cold pressed one. I also used the cooking fluids to smoothen up the mash. Most vitamins and minerals in vegetables are water soluble, so when you boil them, the vitamins will go into the water. Using that, means keeping the valuable nutrients.

In any case, Baby O loved the carrot mash. NewMum had found a tip in the web to freeze portions in an ice cube tray to keep it and to have nice portions. That works really well. For now, one frozen cube of carrot mash is exactly the right portion for Baby O to start with.

What kind of food do/did you make for your kids?

2 thoughts on “A first taste of carrots”

  1. I’m must find you a picture of our son covered in spaghetti bolognese – food was a wonderful experience for our boy and it still is today. At 7 year old hunts the menus in restaurants for artichokes and goats cheese and he is proud to be a meat-eating vegetarian. Its confusing but consuming…

    We encouraged food to be tactile and liberal -and he ate every thing without prejudice. Its a wonderful journey.

    I read your post with joy – enjoy these special life shaping times.


    1. Thanks for your comment, James! I’m already looking forward to colourful cheeks at dinner time. And we’re quite excited by the food challenge ahead of us. Baby O is really enjoying his carrots immensely, and this week we will try to add another type of food. Likely cauliflower.

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