The joy of eating (ice cubed food)

Ice Cubed Food: great tip for giving your baby healthy food
Ice Cubed Food: great tip for giving your baby healthy food

There’s a moment in a parent’s life, when your child is ready to get some ‘real’ food. The first months are all about milk, preferably directly from mom. So it was for our Baby O as well. Until that beautiful moment, when we were having a noodle-bite to eat in town, and Baby O was craving to get some of that tasty looking stuff in his mouth. Surely, there are doctors who say that this is often more the wish to take part in the activity, than a signal of readiness for food, but it was clear for us that he was ready. Age-wise and because he likes to eat and is a curious boy.

We didn’t give him the noodles that day, but the next day I cooked him some carrots, mashed them up with the blender and boy did he enjoy it. No, that’s not it. He loved it. The carrots, the activity of eating, everything about it.

To start, we gave him singular tastes. And just in tiny portions. Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnip, sweet potato. He loved most of them, although he had to get used to the cauliflower at first. Apparently, it is good to start your baby off by giving him one thing to eat at a time. To get him, or her, used to all the different tastes. You can mix it up later, as we do now.

Thanks to a great tip from the dutch blog ‘Koken voor mijn dochter‘, we’re now preparing big portions of single foods, and then freeze them in ice cube trays. That way, we can stock a lot, and give him a different mix every day. Plus, we can easily adjust the portions to what he eats. We’re now at 8 cubes. All of the food we buy for him comes from organic supermarkets near us. Just as the fruit he now eats as well. I’ve also learned there is an organic farm in the area, which I will visit shortly. Could be a great way to not only give him organically grown food, but also locally grown food.

Gradually, we have also introduced other foods. Mainly vegetables, but now also potatoes and chicken. He’s still loving it, and also now gets some bread to play with and eat a few crumbs. It’s a real joy.

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